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    Wow! Such a beautiful and well made instrument. I love the scoop that Fender started taking out of the neck right at the joint and I really love the nitro finish that lets the wood grain come though.

    Thank you Tim! I can't wait to see the bass, because it's gorgeous too. Of course, Scott makes his own guitars - and they are stunning; hopefully he'll post some pics.

    My favorite guitar. I think it's so versatile and it plays so silky smooth. It's only the second brand-new guitar I ever bought and I think this one was well worth the investment. I love everything about this guitar. I forget exactly what year it is, but I think I got it in 2010.

    Thought I'd show you guys some shots of the band-only section of our website so you can see how busy we've been with new music. I mentioned before that we had about 40 new songs, but looking at the list now I'd say it's closer to 80. A lot.

    Originally this website was started so we could have a forum to organize and work on our songs. So we made it pretty simple - creating a folder for each of us. We post our individual songs in our own folder, along with the files, so we can all collaborate on them.

    Here's what it looks like back there.

    Those thread titles in the list are pretty much each for a song that was posted by one of us.


    This is the place where we in the band will be able to interact with any friends and fans that might be out there somewhere.... I mean, there's go to be one out there somewhere!

    My name is Ron Partin and the current members of Jagged Rocks on the Perimeter are myself, Scott Wilkinson, Jimmy Booth and Tim Ferguson. We have a private section on this website where we post and collaborate on all of our songs. I'd say we have over 40 songs in there that we are slowly making our way through. The ideas come very fast, but getting them recorded and mixed really takes a lot of time - since each of us is literally thousands of miles apart. It's been so much fun though.

    Some of you might be wonder who the heck I am. I basically grew up with Scott Wilkinson. we met in the third or 4th grade. I met Jim and Tim after the three of them formed Jagged Rocks on the Perimeter in high school. Jim and Tim went to a different school on the west side of Phoenix, so I didn't really know them that well at the time.

    So along comes Jagged Rocks on the Perimeter. I think it was around our sophomore year in high school. .. 1982 or 1983 maybe. I'm going by my memory, so maybe one of those goofballs will correct me. I just remember that they started writing and recording original music almost immediately, and the songs were great right from the beginning. I was super amazed and surprised at how good they were. When they started playing at clubs and other venues, I went to see them probably dozens of times.

    The clearest memories I have of Jagged Rocks on the Perimeter playing live are of watching them at The Mason Jar on Indian School road. What a place that was. LOL. It was so great seeing them play. They had so many great, great songs. I can honestly say that they were my favorite band, and I though for sure they were going to "make it". Making it back then was getting a record contract and being given front money to record and buy equipment.

    Eventually everyone went their separate ways and the band broke up. I'm not even sure why they broke up really, but the band was just no more by about 1985 or so? Its funny, when you're that young and at that time of life, a couple of years seems like AGES. I mean, you basically are a little kid when you enter high school, and then three years later you're on your way to becoming an adult. Of course Tim is still a little baby and kid, but he's fine!

    So maybe around 1986, Scott let me know that the band was getting back together. They were going to go into the studio, with an extremely low budget, and they were going to record a whole album. I guess the idea was to play the whole thing basically all "live" and then overdub some extras. The album was to become The Soldier and the Painter. I really wish they could have recorded a double album though, because a lot of really good songs were never recorded. Still, they had an album.. and they were getting some radio play with "In a City South". I don't remember much about how things transpired for the band after this period, but they again parted ways that year, if I recall.

    Now here's where I come in. The part you've been waiting for! (totally

    Sometime around 1988, Scott came by my house and suggested we form a band. I had some recording gear, and I think Scott had plans for it. He really likes shiny things like that.... you know, beads and bottle caps.. he's totally mesmerized by them. I'd been recording my own stuff, but I had never been in a band before. I really had so much respect and admiration for Scott and his musical genius, but honestly I didn't think I was in the same league.... because, well... I wasn't! haha. Nevertheless we decided to form a band.

    Don't worry.... I'm wrapping this up!

    So Scott and I just finished agreeing that we needed to be in a band. He said we should try to find Tim to see if he'd like join. The problem was that we hadn't heard from Tim in a while and his parents had moved and there was no contact number. Remember, this is 1988... and we're not that far out of high school. Scott was living at home and we just had no idea if Tim was still around. No cell phones or internet back then either, but we still got stuff done! In this case we simply decided to drive out to the west side and knock on the door at Tim's parent's house. So we did knock on that door, and a little monkey answered! No... it was Tim! Not only was Tim alive, but he had a bass and agreed to be in the band. We called it Jagged Rocks. So we had formed Jagged Rocks. That's my link to this band and this story.

    As Jagged Rocks, we wrote a bunch of new songs right away. I mean, it seems like they just all came together in a matter of days. Really amazing how a band, together in the same room, can really cover a lot of ground fast. We also played many Jagged Rocks on the Perimeter songs, and that was really cool for me. I knew those songs word for word.

    You might be wondering where Jim is in this story. The truth is, I'm not sure. I think Jim had moved out of state for school by 1988. I do vaguely remember going to his wedding reception around this time, and it was in Arizona. I might be wrong about that, but I know I saw Jim at a wedding thing back then. I'm sure Scott or Tim can fill in the blanks here.

    Now the band stands as Jagged Rocks on the Perimeter again. Jimmy Booth, Scott Wilkinson, Tim Ferguson, and myself.

    None of this was meant to be a complete band biography. I just wanted to kick off the new public forum and say a few things. Hopefully the guys will have more to add. It's 2:33 in the morning right now, so I'm signing off!